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Hartford Personal Injury Damages

How much is your case really worth?

You have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, and now you are worried about how you will pay your medical expenses. To make matters worse, your family is losing income as a result of the accident. You may be highly anxious to receive an insurance settlement, but it would be a mistake to accept the insurance company's first offer without first consulting with an experienced Hartford injury lawyer.

Remember: The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible for your accident claim, and they are not likely to offer you the amount you deserve. Let a Hartford personal injury attorney from David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC review the situation to evaluate your case and to determine how much you have a right to receive. Some of the factors that influence the value of a personal injury claim include the following.

Economic Damages

The term "economic damages" refers to the actual, tangible financial losses you have sustained as a result of the accident. For example, you have a right to receive compensation for all of your medical expenses for emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitative care, medication, medical equipment and any type of ongoing treatment you may require to make the fullest possible recovery. You should not be forced to make difficult decisions about whether or not you can afford to pay for the care you require to return as soon as possible to your pre-accident condition.

In addition to compensation for your medical bills, your personal injury claim can also include the amount of income you have lost since the date of your accident, as well as the amount by which your future earning power may have been reduced by a partial or total disability. The same is true in a wrongful death claim, when the surviving family members have been deprived of the financial support that they would have received from the decedent's income contributions.

Non-Economic Damages

The compensation you can receive in a personal injury settlement is not limited to economic damages. Your claim can also include damages for the pain, suffering and emotional distress that you have been forced to experience. Suffering a serious injury or losing a family member in a serious accident can be a physically and emotionally traumatic experience from which you may never fully recover, and while no amount of money will ever replace what you have lost, you are entitled to receive compensation to help you get your life back on track and to move on. It can be difficult to come up with a figure for noneconomic damages, but an experienced attorney can discuss the scope of the impact that your injury has had on your life in order to determine the value of your claim.

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