Plane Crashes Into Houses in Connecticut

Early this morning a small plane crashed in the East Haven region of Connecticut, and three homes were struck when the plane came plummeting down. The accident took place near an airport in Connecticut but the multi-engine propeller driven aircraft had actually flown out of New Jersey. Reports state that Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B turbo prop plane was coming in to the Tweed New Haven airport around 11:25 in the morning on Friday but the cause of the incident has not been released discovered.

Two homes were set on fire as a result and a woman was heard screaming that her children were inside of the house. At this point there are three individuals missing; the two children in the house, ages 1 and 13, and the pilot on the plane. Chief Doug Jackson of the East Haven Fire Department gave an update that they had not yet found any of the missing and believed that the outcome was expected to be "very bad." The mother of the two children was taken from the burning home and the other house that was hit was fortunately vacant at the time of the incident.

Initial reports have said that the pilot was in contact with the control tower but had made no distress call. One witness came out saying that he did see the plane before the crash and had noticed that it was flying very low over the neighborhood, which is located just a few blocks north from the airport. Another stated that he had seen fumes coming from it before it went down. The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to visit the scene of the accident to begin investigations into the cause of the accident. More on the story can be read on Fox News.

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