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Workers' Compensation After an Accident


After you suffer an injury at your job, it is important to take action. You should be aware of workers' compensation before you get in an accident but many people don't get serious about it until they need it. In Connecticut, workers' compensation can be used towards most employees, including part time workers, non-citizens and minors. This form of insurance runs on a no fault basis so benefits can be received even if you were responsible for the accident taking place. Injuries that are the result of drinking or drug use will not be compensated. The goal of workers' compensation is to offer assistance to workers that suffer an injury at work or they deal with disease as a result of their environment. This can mean that the signs do not show up until further down the line. Benefits may be used for medical expenses, vocational training for those unable to return to the line of work and for other results of the incident.

Once you are injured your employer should file an Employer's First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness, as well as making sure that you are given medical treatment. Waiting to make a report can open up the way for disputes to be made about the incident. Make sure that you receive attention immediately and that you keep a record of your treatment. To better ensure that your claim is on record you need to file a "written notice of claim." Don't wait too long since there is a statute of limitations that is placed on the amount of time in which you can file. Occupational disease must be filed within three years of the time the first symptoms appear and injuries should be filed within a year from the time that they are suffered. Contact a Hartford injury attorney immediately after your injury or illness to make sure that you have the best chance of receiving positive results. There are many details and loopholes that can put you at a disadvantage if you don't see them coming.