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Are Dog Bite Injuries That Common?


It is estimated that each year there are around 4.7 million dog bites that take place. These can range in their level of severity and some might be an easily recovered from bite, while others can require medical treatment immediately. In fact, about one out of every five dog bites require medical care to treat it, and around 380,000 need emergency medical treatment. It is important to make sure that a bite is checked to determine if stiches are necessary but also to assess if an infection is possible. Injuries can include scarring, puncture wounds, fractures, lacerations, amputation, infection, contusions and more. Over 31,000 individuals required reconstructive surgery in 2006 as a result of a dog bite.

Those most at risk include children, adult men and people that live with a dog. Children often don't realize that their behavior might be causing the dog to put up a defense. They also might not read the signs when a dog is already not friendly. Men on average have more instances of attacks than women do. For those who have a dog in their home it is important to be cautious of finding a dog with the right temperament and also being proactive about training it so that it is able to interact with other people. A dog might feel threatened or it may just be more aggressive and this can factor into how serious an attack is. In serious cases an attack can lead to a fatality, and there were 31 fatal attacks in the country in 2011. Fortunately, many of the attack victims survive the incident, but even then they can be left with hospital bills, medical expenses and different effects from the injuries.

Not only are dog bites common, but the results of them can be widespread. Victims deal with the physical and financial toll. In 2008 the average hospital stay for a dog bite cost $18,200 which is about half of what the cost of other hospital visits for injuries were. Some individuals miss work or are unable to return on a permanent basis, causing them to lose their source of income. If another person was at fault, such as a dog owner that did not have the dog on a leash or was not keeping a close eye on the dog, then it should be their responsibility. My firm, David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC, works hard to get our clients full compensation and to prevent them from taking a settlement from an insurance company that doesn't meet what they deserve. Call now to speak with a Hartford personal injury attorney about your situation.