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Young Girl Writes Letter to Drunk Driver That Paralyzed Her: The Jury Left in Tears


After an accident many victims mourn over their losses, while others take their pain and suffering and turn it into a message of hope. That is exactly what 9-year-old Xitclalli “Chili” Vasquez did after being involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed last year. Chili was with her family driving in Fort Worth, Texas when they were hit head on by a drunk driver; the accident left her without movement from the chest down.

Jeremy Solis had his hearing last week for the incident that changed this young girl’s life forever, and she wanted to be there and speak to him face to face. Chili wrote a letter to the man who took away her ability to walk and after she was done sharing what was one her heart, there was not one eye in the room that was left without tears. Moved with the courage and strength she portrayed in the letter, they could see that in the midst of her suffering she was still choosing to see the best, without minimizing the worst. Chili shared that she has experienced many hard and painful days, and at times were in tears because of her inability to do what she would normally be able to do. And yet despite her pain and discomfort, this young girl believes that one day she will walk again; and her goal is to in turn help others as a doctor in the future.

ABC News reports this story and also posts a short video interview with young Chili, to view, click here. She shares that she wants to keep writing Jeremy letters while he is in jail serving 10 years behind bars, hoping that one day he will write back and say he is sorry. Reports claim that Jeremy Solis did not try to fight the charges, he pleaded guilty to two counts of DUI assault after having had a BAC level of 0.23%; almost three times the legal limit.

Chili Vasquez is the survivor of drunk driving accident, one that is often known to claim the lives of young children. While she may be left without the use of her legs, she is not without hope because she still has a life that is worth living. Being a victim of a car accident is a painful time for any individual or family to go through, especially when it results in life changing injuries. Many times these injuries will leave victims with countless medical bills that surpass that which their insurance can cover. Many times, even the co-pay for medical bills with the help of the insurance company is still more than a family can handle, and in some cases it can leave them with a lot of debt.

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