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Want to Know More About David A. Zipfel?


David A. Zipfel has been practicing personal injury law for 34 years in Hartford, Connecticut. He handles each case personally, so you can be sure that your important case won’t get passed off to an assistant attorney at the firm or bypassed by the founder. Mr. Zipfel graduated from the University of Connecticut Law School in 1977 and has been practicing personal injury law since then. He is a proud member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and is dedicated to giving every case the intense attention to detail that it deserves.

While many lawyers are afraid to go to trial, Mr. Zipfel is not. He is willing to take any case to court if that becomes a necessity. First, Attorney Zipfel works hard to negotiate with the other party involved and see if he can help them reach a settlement without getting the courts involved. He will make all the necessary phone calls to insurance companies and serve as a mediator between you and the other party involved. In addition, he will ensure that you are informed of what is going on, but aren’t bothered with the responsibilities of the case.

David A. Zipfel understands that if you have been recently injured, you are dealing with a difficult recovery and emotional trauma at present. It would not be helpful for you if your attorney was constantly calling you and asking you to make phone calls or complete tasks that would go towards your case. Instead, Attorney Zipfel will try to handle as much of the case as he can on his own. He will inform you of the details and work hard to accomplish the tasks in a timely manner. He will only bother you with tasks when it is absolutely necessary for the vitality of your case. David A. Zipfel was rated with five stars for his professional conduct on Avvo, so you can be sure that he is going to treat you with respect and work hard as a hired individual.

David Zipfel also understands that you may be in intense pain right now and may be suffering from a traumatic accident. For example, if you are dealing with a burn injury or have been injured in a car accident, then chances are that you are not in a position to travel to our office. That is why Mr. Zipfel is willing to make home and hospital visits to discuss your case with you. He wants to make this lawsuit as convenient for you as possible. If your car or motorcycle was totaled in an accident, then you may not have the transportation to travel to our office, or your doctor may have placed you on bed rest following a slip & fall incident. If this is the case, then we will come to you. We want to go the extra mile for you in order to give you the comfort that you need. With David A. Zipfel, you don’t have to wait until you have recovered to start your lawsuit, because we will allow you to rest while we take care of the details.

Also, Attorney Zipfel is aware that you may be low on money at the moment. Maybe you have just paid all of your medical bills and you are suffering financially. Maybe you are saving up for a new car, and hoping that a settlement will help you to afford the costs of life. In fact, you are probably hoping that the settlement from your personal injury claim will cover these costs that you can’t afford. Because he knows that you are not in a position to gamble on attorneys, Attorney Zipfel operates on a contingency fee basis. This means that he doesn’t get paid unless you do! When you hire Mr. Zipfel, you will be able to negotiate with him to determine a good percentage. Then, Attorney Zipfel will take this percentage from your settlement to cover the legal fees and court costs of the case.

If you don’t make any money in the settlement, neither will Mr. Zipfel. This way, the money will not come out of your pocket, and will not be a gamble that could end badly. Some attorneys charge by the hour or ask for a flat rate. Regardless of whether or not they help you in your case, these attorneys will take your money. David Zipfel cares too much about his clients to charge them in this way. Instead, he will only take from the money that was earned in the verdict, claim, or settlement. This also gives him additional incentive to do everything that he can to help you. He understands that unless he puts all his effort into your case, he may not receive any profit. Check out US Lawyers DB to learn more about David A. Zipfel’s services!

David Zipfel’s professional conduct has been praised by many clients who have worked with him. You can visit the client testimonials page to read some of the glowing reviews concerning his service. While Attorney Zipfel will be compassionate and kind towards you, he can be intimidating and convincing with your offenders. For example, one client writes that her doctor refused to submit her bill to the health insurance company for payment, and then sued her for not paying the expenses. When this woman hired David Zipfel to represent her, he threatened to sue the doctor for malpractice and the situation was resolved promptly.

Whenever you are dealing with an injury, be it a dog bite or a construction accident, you need to talk to David A. Zipfel. You can call the firm at (860) 528-4567 if you live in Harford. If you are in the Enfield area, contact (860) 745-7799. You can also use our toll-free line at (888) 803-1319 if you need more information. Our office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for information. Attorney Zipfel wants to make things as convenient for you as possible, which is why he will schedule evening and weekend appointments if these are more convenient for you. David Zipfel has three offices so that he can best serve the citizens of Connecticut. He serves those in Hartford and Enfield, so visit his contact us page to get more information and obtain addresses to the office nearest you!