Massive Fire Destroys Homes and Injures Three in New York City

Fire drills and fire escapes are created for a reason. While most people never believe that they will need to use the emergency escapes or utilize a fire extinguisher, the need arose last night in New York City when 100 houses in a flooded beachfront neighborhood were destroyed. According to Fox News the neighborhood burst into flames due to an electrical outlet in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. The gale force winds caused the fire to continue burning for hours after the initial call was made. Emergency rescue teams tried to evacuate all occupants, who then watched as their homes were burnt to the ground. In the effort, three residents were burnt and sent to the hospital for treatment.

Firefighters say that the water levels near the burning complex were so high that they had to use a boat to bus people out of the homes. In one apartment, about 25 people were trapped in an upstairs unity. They had to force people to swim in the frigid water in order to get them to safety. Video footage documented the devastating accident which has left over 100 New Yorkers without a place to live. One firefighter suffered a minor injury and was taken to the hospital after the accident. If you are employed by an emergency rescue team, then your employer has the responsibility to pay you worker’s compensation for any injuries that you may experience.

If you are not compensated, then you have the right to seek compensation by going through the courts. As a civilian you can seek damages if you can prove that someone else was directly at fault for your injury. For example, if someone caused an apartment fire because if their negligence to turn off an oven or a hair straightener or blow out a candle, then you may have the right to ask for monetary compensation for your injuries and property damage. Contact a Hartford injury attorney today if you need more information about how to seek compensation for burn injuries.

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