How Much is My Case Worth?

Facing an injury is a difficult thing to go through and when there is someone responsible for the accident then they may liable for compensation. For many people, when they find themselves in this situation they wonder if they have a case and what the value of it is. There is no exact way to determine the value of your case but the best place to start is through a consultation with a Hartford personal injury attorney.

What factors go into deciding the worth of your case? One of the main areas is the extent of your injury. What type of medical care have you needed and if it is expected that you will require ongoing treatment.

Your job should also be considered when determining a fair amount of compensation. Did the accident cause you to miss work and are you able to return to your job or has the injury prevented you from doing so? If you are suffering the loss of income then this should be accounted for, including any future lost wages. Was there additional pain and suffering? An accident can cause more than just physical harm. The results of an accident can influence your life in many ways.

An attorney is able to provide an idea of what your case may be worth, but they are unable to offer an exact number. This amount can also vary throughout the trial as more information is brought to light.

It is important to work with a professional who can review the situation to determine an estimate of what you are owed. This allows them to know what amount to strive for and to protect you from taking less than you should. To get a better idea of the worth of your case, get in touch with David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC.

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