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From around the Courthouse


It’s important for injured claimants to understand what’s going on at the Courthouse with accident and personal injury cases. You need to know what happens at the Courthouse because it will be used by the insurance companies to determine what they will offer to pay you for your injuries and losses. Obviously, not every case goes to trial. In fact, very few cases are tried. But, very few out of a thousand is still a lot and the results set the precedent for what the insurance company will offer you for the injuries and damages you sustained as a result of an accident. That’s the process.

Today’s topic is “Social Media”. Many, many people use social media. I would say the vast majority. The insurance companies know this. Insurance companies have become incredibly aggressive defending claims against their customers, the people who are at fault for your injury. Their defense can begin as soon as they know you are filing a claim against them. Don’t think they will not investigate you. They have been known to seek out information about your activities beginning shortly after your accident. Their favorite tool starts with your social media account. It has become routine for the insurance company investigators and lawyers to pull photos and stories about you and your activities from social media sites. If it’s public, they can get it. Don’t underestimate their willingness to use social media, both yours and others. They have become incredibly adept at getting information.